OurDelta MySQL on EC2 – install


Arjen would give me an earful if I got this wrong or poorly worded.

“OurDelta produces enhanced builds for MySQL, with OurDelta and third-party patches, for common production platforms” from http://ourdelta.org/about

Over the next series of articles I am going to put the many additions to the MySQL 5.0 baseline through their paces on Amazon EC2.

Using a base CentOS 4.4 I had lying around on Amazon S3 I had Ourdelta installed and secure in no time flat.

This is outline for the installing Ourdelta onto CentOS 4


yum install yum-plugin-protectbase
rpm --import http://mirror.ourdelta.org/deb/ourdelta.gpg
rpm -Uvh http://mirror.ourdelta.org/yum/CentOS/OurDelta-release-0.0.4-1.noarch.rpm
mkdir downloads
cd downloads/
wget http://mirror.ourdelta.org/yum/CentOS/4/i386/RPMS/MySQL-OurDelta-server-5.0.67.d7-44.el4_7.i386.rpm
wget http://mirror.ourdelta.org/yum/CentOS/4/i386/RPMS/MySQL-OurDelta-shared-5.0.67.d7-44.el4_7.i386.rpm
wget http://mirror.ourdelta.org/yum/CentOS/4/i386/RPMS/MySQL-OurDelta-test-5.0.67.d7-44.el4_7.i386.rpm
wget http://mirror.ourdelta.org/yum/CentOS/4/i386/RPMS/MySQL-OurDelta-client-5.0.67.d7-44.el4_7.i386.rpm
wget http://mirror.ourdelta.org/yum/CentOS/4/i386/RPMS/MySQL-OurDelta-devel-5.0.67.d7-44.el4_7.i386.rpm
yum localinstall MySQL-OurDelta-*
ps -ef|grep mysql
mysql -u root -p


Thats it. Straightforward install.
I am getting lazy in my old age I used a pipe combo to generate the install commands using this:

history |grep -v history|awk ‘{ print $2″ “$3” “$4 }’

The next article will cover the upgrade of any existing MySQL 5.0 release to OurDelta.
I have saved this Ourdelta MySQL install as an AMI.

If people are interested in making this a public AMI please post a comment.

Have Fun