About us

It is a competitive job market, how do you stand out from the crowd? How to you get heard over the noise?

Become more valuable…

Go Deeper: Deepen your existing skill set.
Broaden your horizons: Widen your existing skill set.
Get Faster: Sharpen your skills so you can resolve problems faster.

Our task is to:

  • Provide you with the answers to common problems and errors.
    Outcome: Resolve faster.
  • Detail important DBA tasks.
    Outcome: Broaden your skill set, and gain trust and credit with your employer as they can see you know what you are doing.
  • Give handy tips to get the most out of your already optimized databases.
    Outcome: Deepen your knowledge.



Paul Moen:

Paul has worked for 24 years on Oracle, Microsoft SQL server and MySQL databases. He can also converse in Postgresql, Sybase, Greenplum and DB2.


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