Upcoming articles for 2009

I was reviewing what I had written over the last 2 years, and how people had reacted via comments and page views, even what keywords were most popular.

Here is the first draft (pending input from interested readers via adding a comment)

  1. More dbt2 benchmark articles.
  2. Amazon EC2 LVM snapshots vs EBS snapshots.
  3. Backup software for MySQL and specifically on EC2.
  4. Benchmarking Amazon EBS using iozone.
  5. Installing, testing and benchmarking the non-standard MySQL engines such as OurDelta and XtraDB and plugins.
  6. Using EC2 as a test bed for new versions of MySQL and Oracle and other dbs.
  7. New: Using Microsoft SQL server on EC2.
  8. New: Using Postgresql on EC2.
  9. New: Using DB2 on EC2.

New stuff over the next 12 months:

The newest theme for the next 12 months will be revisiting the original idea behind the blog. That theme was the publication of useful methods and recipes for all DBAs and DBA/Developers and people wearing DBA/Developer/SysAdmin/NetworkAdmin or more hats.

A Dojo is a commonly associated with a training place for training in Martial Arts. This Dojo is a training place for Database Administrators (DBAs).

A common method in Martial Arts is a Kata. This is the idea of honing your skills (as a DBA in this case) through training and practice. So there will be articles published under the kata category covering exercises to help people become more polished and skilful with the common tasks and responsibilities of being a DBA.

Have Fun


Top 9 Posts for the last 12 months

If you were ever wondering what other people check out on this site, here are the most popular articles by pageviews for the last 12 months.

Seems most people like the LVM snapshots article, articles about running multiple MySQL instances and the various benchmark articles.

  1. mysql backups using lvm snapshots
  2. oracle 11g on ec2 using silent install
  3. mysql multi master master replication on ec2
  4. mysql master master replication table sync
  5. multiple mysql instances on ec2
  6. mysql dbt2 benchmark on ec2
  7. mysql 51 ndb cluster replication on ec2
  8. sysbench vs mysql on ec2
  9. bonnie io benchmark vs ec2

Have Fun