Getting Oracle installed on EC2 using CentOS4

Like I mentioned in my first post. My aim is to get an Oracle RAC cluster running on Amazon EC2.

I hope to use this setup as a training ground and see the process of installing and getting Oracle RAC running as a specific to EC2 it will useful in a wider sense.

I choose to go with CentOS 4.4 which is basically Red Hat Enterprise minus some bits. It is not certified by Oracle.

Luckily someone had already done the hard yards on getting an CentOS image created as a public image file.
So I copied my local cookies file and used wget to download the Oracle 10.2G install from Oracle.

The bandwidth between Amazon and Oracle made this a quick download and reasonably cheap.

I have gone off using the GUI installer over remote links, so I am reasonably comfortable with the silent installer using a response file.
eg. ./runInstaller -silent -responseFile my_ee.rsp

Basically followed the Oracle 10G Release 2 install guide made sure the prequisite linux packages were installed, copied and edited the EE.rsp (Enterprise Edition) response file and it was done.

Making a Oracle 10G EE install allowed me to play around with physical and logical standbys to my heart’s content. At the moment I still have to manually edit the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files to get the new hostname (changes for each instance).

In the future I will rebuild the image with a build script so that it does this automatically.

Have Fun