Oracle RAC on Amazon EC2

I have looked at Jeff Hunter’s complete install guide for Oracle RAC on home PCs in the past.
Whilst I could go and spend the money I thought I would give Amazon EC2 a whirl given I signed up to the beta. I had signed up back in 2006, however only found out at the start of 2007 that you needed to sign up for Amazon s3 (storage). As soon as I did that I was accepted to the beta.

Given each Amazon EC2 image is running virtual image based on Xen it should be fun.

Stay tuned for the install fun.

Have Fun


2 thoughts on “Oracle RAC on Amazon EC2

  1. Hi Andy,Thanks for the comment.EC2 and RAC will not play in the current form due to EC2 firewall restrictions with regard to Virtual IPs. The same reason Linux HA software won’t work either.Nice Idea with regards to io stats. I will have to publish some raw IO numbers and then specifics for Oracle and MySQL.Have FunPaul

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